New blogs ~

Hey everyone, just letting you all know I don't post here anymore (that might be obvious, haha) All I do with my entries on here is edit my hair and wig post >.>

so here's the links to my other blogs that I actually do use:

for outfits, reviews, whatever:

for illustration, other arty stuff, makeup, hair, etc:

I'll be posting heaps more in the second blog this year and next year, as I'm studying, doing the Diploma of Illustration ! ^____^ Currently it has some work from doing another course that I finished last year, Certificate III in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft.

Delicious, seeya !

A few photos I took at Supanova 2011

- the lolita panel

- an awesome lolita !

- me in the back to the future car !

- Tom Felton !

- my friend Teagan on stage for the lolita panel, looking like a gorgeous vanilla angel !

- I posted this on daily_lolita aswell, but, JACK SPARROW <333

- Tom Felton attempting to bro fist Voldemort.

- The Mask !

- Another of the Mask's costumes ! He had another one but I didn't see in person :c

I hope this was a bit fun to see ? XD

I never post anymore...

sorry ! D:

Not that my entries are very interesting anyway. xD

Just a quick entry today.

Here's one ring I made a while ago for myself, I'll get around to getting pictures together of others later XD

Here's some daily_lolita posts I've been making lately; - finally got my dream of lolita melty chocolate replica and gold shoes ! But DoL forgot my detachable bows :C DAMN THEM. But they're sending me new ones, yay ! I won't be doing a taobao shops review this time, but if you want to know something about items I wear just ask ! :3 - I love going to lolita meets now * U* I can't wait for the next one, it sounds pretty awesome, I *THINK* people get dressed up as alice in wonderland characters and act out the scenes and take you with them or something I have no idea really XDD But it sounds odd and fun so yay !

Here's some lolita valentines I got recently <333

Victor thought maybe the secret maker thought we were all one person, bahahh xD I dunno !

Super sweeet * U*

ahaha xD I'm going to be someones dinner !

I have two new years resolutions btw !
1. Lose more weight than I did last year (12.1kg)

What's yours ? ;D I like to hear peoples new years resolutions...Though I think almost everyone's is to lose weight ._.

A few weeks ago I dressed my friend up in lolita >;D

Here is her usually....though these are drunken photos, she doesn't have full body ones on her facebook !

She's on the left in both photos. She basically wears the girls version of boys clothes XD

Now here she is ~*~*~*~*~ vanilla-fied !~*~*~*~*~

I really like it haha, she thought it was a bit weird though XD

Aaaand yeah, that'll do for today. I have many other things to show, but I'll save em for another day when I'm less lazy ;D

~ Vanilla

woowoowoowoowoo ~

I think it's been almost two weeks since my last post ? >_>
Here's a little update and stuffs ~

My latest daily_lolita posts: - my birthday, and here's some extra photos from that;

I made those vanilla macarons, lime poppy cupcakes and chocomint macarons ! ^O^ The macarons are hard to make... I made 4 batches, and only two batches worked out xP The vanilla ones were perfect apart from their large size haha, I need more practise with that piping bag ! The peppermint chocolate ones didn't have the crinkly part around the edges, but they tasted fine :3

Krystal got me these aweeeesome chocolates ! The heart one was the yummiest, but the red jewel shaped one was the most amazing to me xD -lame- and she was also wearing melty chocolate ! How appropriate xDD just like how I was wearing dreaming macaron, and brought macarons :3

We had Japanese food ~
I had gyu don, it wasn't the best :c

Nitty made me THE BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER. Inspired by Milky Chan *O*

edit: I forgot to take a photo earlier, Alice got me this adorable little book to write/draw in ! ^-^

and Liza and Magdalen gave me MONEHHHHHHHHH >;D
.....I like money
and Johnny made macarons for me/also to share :D
but nyes thank you everyone for the gifts/food ^O^

my next daily_lolita post: - it was mine and Victor's 1st year anniversary ! <3333 He's really the best and I love him so ♥
and I think I've finally done classic lolita well. I've tried before, but I liked it better this time, and I think it was more flattering ? Let me know what you think eh ;D Usually I wear sweet > 3>
When we were out that day, Victor bought an awesome chocolate shoe for us XD sadly we forgot to read the tag and such, and later found out it's dark chocolate, which we both hate, so we gave it to my mum XD
Here's some photos of how awesome it was anyway;

Also at that place we got it from, Ganache, they had MACARONSSSS <3333 ...I get very excited when I find a new place that sells macarons >_>
And they were AWESOME. About as good as my favourite ones from the Cupcake Family ! * u*
It's on Collins street, I definately reccomend it to anyone in Melbourne, I had the lavender flavour and the cinnamon flavour. The lavender one REALLY tasted like lavender, in a good way ! It'd go really nicely with rose flavoured bubble tea from Bubbecup (my favourite bubble tea place !). The cinnamon one was reeeally cinnamonny, which I loved (;
They had many more flavours;

That weekend, Victor also surprised me with my very first bonnet ! It's the princess crown bouquet one, it matches the skirt he bought me a while ago *o* <33333
Here's some photos of me in it xD
I was a bit iffy about tying the bow at my neck, usually I hate things close to my neck, but I didn't think it was too bad, it'd be good for winter I think. What do youuuu think ? o 3o

also, am I wearing it right ? is it too far foward ? or is it right ? >.> I've never worn one before !

another daily_lolita post: - to go see two friends <3
We didn't end up going to the movies xD Elly ended up coming with us (yay ! I hadn't seen her in a very long time) and we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, I had bento, it was pretty good o uo (it's the one in Frankston next to the cinemas if anyone lives around there ~)
After dinner, we got drinks and snacks and headed back to Mal's place, where we *~ drank the night away ~* lmfao xDD I hadn't been drunk in quite a while, it was just like old times *O* but this time I was screaming about large moths coming near me all night and pretending to be Boomer from left4dead.
I was very glad not to have a hangover the next day, as I had to travel on the train home for about an hour and a half.
which brings us to my next daily_lolita post, which has 4 outfits, but the first one is what I wore on the way home from Mal's place xD

Victor also posted !

That's all of my latest daily_lolita posts xD Now for other things ~

Here's some extra photos from the Dolls at the Mount lolita meetup I went to the other week;

everyone looked lovely <3

Yesterday I went to two markets, the first was Latrobe University in Preston, where I bought this cute musical (and still working !) carousel that was made in 1980 in Macao ! * u* for only $10 awyeah ;D

the second market I went to, was the trash and treasure area of Pipeworks, which is closing down soon to make way for a new Ikea T___T
anyway, I bought this, for $45 ;D I was in need of a pretty piece of furniture to store things on ! Sadly the headbow/headband holders I was making didn't turn out AT ALL, so they're just all over the place for now xD I still use my frame with doily with all the bows attatched to that on my wall, but I think it looks a little messy because I have so many, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to store headbows and headbands please let me know ! D:

I love carved details like that and it's lovely shape alltogether <3

On Saturday I broke my camera >.< I dropped it when I had it on it's tripod wrapped around my bag hanger thing to take a photo of Victor and I XP
But I wasn't too upset, I had my eye on a bubblegum pink camera for only $86 ;D
Luckily it was still at the shop xD I saw it a few months ago...
it's this one, the Samsung ES30;

But that round 4 buttons thing isn't's actually light pink s:

But yeah, even though it was like less than half the price of my old camera, it has more zoom, more mega pixels and a bigger screen. o_o
the photos it takes aren't bad, but they are pretty dull if I don't set it to "retro". (which I only had to set once for it to take photos in retro always, so it's all good) Retro seems to make the colours more vibrant and slightly warmer.

The day I got the camera, I saw this awesome guy;

I was too scared to go up to him and get a photo with him xDD

Yesterday I got a new dress in the mail ! It's what I spent some of my birthday money on ^o^ It was my first time buying from yahoo japan with
I HIGHLY reccomend that shopping service, it all went soooo smoothly and quickly @___@;;;; I'm really happy with them and will definately use them again.
I was actually intimidated by ordering with a Japanese shopping service, despite using two different taobao shopping services xD
the process was basically the same, but the order form was actually a little easier, but you don't have to go through all the size business so I guess that's why. But yeah, it only took like a week for me to get my dress, whereas with taobao it takes over a month >.> I was pleasantly surprised xD
anyway, here's the dress <3

It's called Blooming Snow White *O*
I mainly got it because it has deer on it XD Usually I don't like people on my prints, but I love this print too much to care XD Plus snow white is awesome.

Sorry for all the sparkles, I'll be putting this on my poupeegirl and for some reason I like to sparkle them up for it. o_o

I love this cute bow lace at the it called lace ? I's like...netting with felt-ish bows on it XD but it's cute !!


dawww love bunnies ~~~

Squirrels are super cute ~

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ~


I really love that big heart lace *O*

This dress has so many different types of pretty lace @_@

cute buttons too !

The original price was 26040 yen ($314 AUD) but I bought it new with tags for 17900 yen ($215 AUD)

the other week I was also playing around a bit with my black wig, I put it in a side ponytail, I dunno if it suits me or not s:

and last thing, weeeks ago I cut Victor's hair again, nothing too different, I think I need more ideas for his hair....halp ?

~ Vanilla

I'm 20 years old now...

The other day it was my birthday (the 8th of November), I went out for dinner with some family and Victor <3

My mum was also super sweet and got me a dress form, money and a box of some of my favourite candies ^o^ (peanut butter mnms, spearmint leaves, mini musks and teeth) And she got a custom cake for after dinner too ! It was super pretty with everything I ever wanted on a birthday cake, it was very ~*~*~*vanilla*~*~*~ ! xD

Here's my post on daily_lolita for my birthday outfit:

This coming Saturday, I'll be going out with some friends in celebration of my birthday and mourning of the cancellation of the drag queen show xD

On my birthday I also got another package from Victor, full of chocomint goodness ! <3
Here's what I got:

*O* <33 I really love it all ! I'll be wearing the pink bow, lollie bracelet and lavender bows on Saturday :3
I have a gold bag to match the clip, and I ordered some gold shoes from taobao to match aswell ;D I wanted to get a white x gold skirt from Rose Melody...but they don't make it in gold anymore ;___; If you know any not tooo expensive gold prints for sale, let me know ! I have some birthday money (so far $260) so a gold print would be good....but all I can think of are Puppet Circus and that chandelier print, I think they both are too small for me at the moment aswell as waaaay too expensive, well, atleast Puppet Circus ._. (-drools over that in white-)

On Sunday I went to my second lolita meetup :D It was quite fun. We went to Dolls at the Mount in Heidelberg and had high tea, the sweet foods were good, as was the tea, the savoury food wasn't very nice to me, but THEY HAD THE BEST CUPCAKES EVER, seriously, they were so light and fluffy and had the best taste and creamy icing with SPARKLES on top and a flower, they gave us all one each for free for dressing up, awwwhhhh ! <3

Here's my daily_lolita post for what I wore to the meet:

And here's some extra photos, sadly no group shots have been uploaded yet, and I didn't take many photos myself > 3< I'm a bit shy and would feel creepy taking photos of everyone XD

If you haven't already guessed, the tea house is also a doll museum ! xD

I've been making some more things's one thing for myself;

and more at my etsy shop:

I made ALOT more, but I'll upload them at another time...I still need to make even more ! xD

Here's a non-lolita outfit I wore the other day;

~ Vanilla and

Today I got the best surprise ever in the mail ! My friend Claudia, aka cutegurlcute , aka owner of , sent me a birthday present (and also to model them for her haha <3), a package full of cute things she made <3 (I thank you so much Claudia ! <3)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you what I got, and give my opinion on them. ^_^ I'm pretty sure you can buy all of the things I got at her website ~
I'll be wearing almost all of them this weekend, so I'll have more photos then :3

I think my favouritest thing is the carousel necklace <3333 the pearls are really lovely *o*

The star is adorable ! I like that she mixed pink with yellow, and gave it a cute little face o uo
The rose ring is lovely, I'll like to wear it with my kidsyoyo JSK ~
The little bow clip is really pretty, I like the star in the middle, and it's attatched to a really good quality crocodileish clip, I love those types of clips xDD they're so grippy ~
I like the pony ring, it matches my other pony ring I got from One Day In Paradise which is the same but pink XD

I looooove this, the lace is so cute, it gives me a fairy kei feel o uo I also love the satin *o* also reminds me of hime gyaru ! xD and I LOVE DEER SO IT IS AUTOMATICALLY WIN <3 btw, this is a bracelet ! It's attatched to a stretchy pink beaded braceletthingy ~

These two pendants came with one chain, so I can change it whenever ;D I looove the deer of course <3 AND THE KITTEN IS ADORABLE. I love that style of drawing soooo bad <3 They also feel really sturdy and good quality *o*

These are cute little badges, I like badges for decoing up outfits xD the bunny one is especially cute ~

I looooove this star clip, it also doubles as a brooch ! AND IT'S SO SOFT I WANT TO STROKE IT FOREVER O uO <3

It' <3333 -froths at the mouth-
it has all my favourite colours on it, plus ponies, plus cinnamoroll, plus pearls, plus it looks so edible, IT'S MY DREAM NECKLACE XD
It's quite big (which I like) but it's not very heavy (which is awesome) ;D and the pearls feel really...good, I dunno, like they'll never snap and break and stuff XD

The last thing <3 an adorable litle fawn ring *o* IT'S SO CUTE AND FUZZY <3 It'll match nicely with my brown leather deer bag, brown booties, brown leather belt and brown wigs ;D


p.s: everyoneshouldclickthelinkbelowandbuyfromhershop <3

I also bought a wig from on their facebook page:

I ordered the long wavy black wig with clip on ponytails. FINALLY A GOOD BLACK BLACK BLACK WIG <3333
It's superb quality, and exactly as I imagined.
For now, crappy photos of me in the mirror in my pjs >_> But I'll be wearing it on Saturday for when I go out for my birthday dinner, so I'll take proper photos then ~

I really reccomend them ! Also it was packaged well and only took 9 days to get here (including a weekend and that's from the USA to Australia) o uo
And communication is really good, they reply so fast @___@ <3
Plus they have like 689359656 other awesome colour combinations and styles and wigs for celebrity looks and cosplays !
I also asked them if it would be real, true BLACK BLACK. They assured me it would be, and that it is ! It's EXACTLY what I wanted.

I hope these reviewishthings were helpful to someone !

~ Vanilla

Taobao Things

I told you I'd eventually get around to posting about what I bought from taobao xD So here it is;

I really like this bag, it's a nice white colour, not too off white. (yes, I'm even picky with matching my whites !) and I think it's quite good quality. It came with metal short handles aswell, hence the empty loops, but I'm not using those just yet, so I took them off, I don't like it when people let them hang over the front of their bags or stick straight up when using the long strap xD
It JUST fits my usual stuff I put in my bags, but it doesn't open up well on one side, and its quite narrow inside, which is a little annoying when I have massive 3D rings on my fingers that I'm scared of breaking XD

I love this bag, so chocolatey <3 hahah. it's a bit bigger than the other bag, but again, it doesn't open out very far. But I still love it and am happy with it ~

I got this wig and the headbow from taobao, the headbow is lovely, seems good quality, and it has wire or something inside so I can make the shape stay how I want :3 the wig is pretty good too, but I wish the curls were a bit more "together" like, I want lots of tiny thin curls, but not frizzy. wat do ? but other than that it's really good quality ~ Sorry for the crappy mirror photo with my makeupless face covered by camera and me in my pjs. lmfao.

Secret shop socks, everyone knows, they are good. haha. Real cute. But i wish the blue was a little bit lighter ? :c oh well.

This one opens up alot more, but if you have ...not much stuff in there, it'll look like this, saggy stuffs hanging from the bottom and sticking out the top XD but luckily my bags are always full of stuff ~
The colour is a really pretty lavender, it kindof looks like a dog bone, but it is a bow, lmao. There are tiny dints where some of the shiny stone things are, but they don't bother me too much.

I really adore these cutsews <3
the pink one came with those bows too but i didn't see them until after I took the photo, they dropped on the floor when I opened the package xD
the lace is prettttyyyyy *O* <3333333333 and the material is SO SOFT AND COMFORTABLE. And they fit well. I'm suuuper happy with them.
Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, the blue one doesn't match most of my blue stuff, only a blue pair of socks I have :c I was kindof hoping they'd match my blue shoes or something, oh well.

I like this bolero, it's really pretty, but I thought it was going to be actual white xP but it doesn't matter much, because I got another white bolero from target xD so this one will match nicely with my classic jsk I think ~~ but I don't have a blouse to match that jsk for summer D: maybe the bolero will be fine on it's own ? I hope so ~

I love these shoes, so cuuute, I especially LOVE the bow on the ankle at the front *O*
but, obviously, my feet are too fat for them at the moment -_- so I won't be wearing them for a while, which is a pity, because they match my kidsyoyo jsk that seriously like nothing else matches, but that jsk will be too big by the time I can fit into these shoes better ;___; but they do match one of my innocent world dresses that doesn't fit yet, so yay !
btw, I've now lost 12.1kg ! ^__^ though it's been a year since I started losing weight ; A; I am losing it very slowly...but it's much better than not losing any at all ! I can now fit into a skirt I couldn't fit into at allll like 3 years ago, and I can also fit into a jacket I bought many months ago that couldn't do up at the waist or the cuffs, now they can just do up and not be very uncomfortable and it's pretty slimming to my figure ;DD

I also got this wig, it is really nice but it was meant to be black, not brown -___- but an awesome friend of mine bought it from me <3

That's all the taobao stuffs !

But today in the mail I also got a wig from ebay ! *O* <3 IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT IT'S MY FAVOURITEST WIG EVER.
though I wish it had more hair at the bottom, I have to push it all to the front to make it look good xD but I don't mind, it's really pretty anyway, I love how boofy the top is O uO so hime > 3>

I love the layers and the curlyness <3
better photos early next week on's my birthday on I'm going out with family for dinner on Saturday, and on Sunday I'm going to a lolita meetup, so two outfits there shall be ! o uo
I still don't know what to do with friends for my birthday though, on the 13th....I guess nothing will be happening :c oh well.

I hope I didn't bore anyone too much. If you have any questions about the items I bought, feel free to ask.

~ Vanilla

Polyvore, daily_lolita and Weightloss.

I made two more outfits on polyvore for dreaming macaron xD I'm really liking the mint one ~
mint macaron

blue macaron

and I posted on daily_lolita today:

aaand weight lost so far: 11.6 kg ^o^

I made a few things with my fake whipped cream stuffs today, they have to dry over 24 hours I think, so I'll put chains on some tomorrow and take photos and show them here and on DA ;D
I'm happy with most of them, but the pink cream I got is too airy ;___; not smoooooth D: oh well...
and the first thing I did, I decorated a little light up mirror.....oh's a bit bad XDDD I need more practise with the creamstuffs.

~ Vanilla