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22 November 2010 @ 10:53 pm
woowoowoowoowoo ~  

I think it's been almost two weeks since my last post ? >_>
Here's a little update and stuffs ~

My latest daily_lolita posts:
community.livejournal.com/daily_lolita/3901625.html - my birthday, and here's some extra photos from that;

I made those vanilla macarons, lime poppy cupcakes and chocomint macarons ! ^O^ The macarons are hard to make... I made 4 batches, and only two batches worked out xP The vanilla ones were perfect apart from their large size haha, I need more practise with that piping bag ! The peppermint chocolate ones didn't have the crinkly part around the edges, but they tasted fine :3

Krystal got me these aweeeesome chocolates ! The heart one was the yummiest, but the red jewel shaped one was the most amazing to me xD -lame- and she was also wearing melty chocolate ! How appropriate xDD just like how I was wearing dreaming macaron, and brought macarons :3

We had Japanese food ~
I had gyu don, it wasn't the best :c

Nitty made me THE BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE EVER. Inspired by Milky Chan *O*

edit: I forgot to take a photo earlier, Alice got me this adorable little book to write/draw in ! ^-^

and Liza and Magdalen gave me MONEHHHHHHHHH >;D
.....I like money
and Johnny made macarons for me/also to share :D
but nyes thank you everyone for the gifts/food ^O^

my next daily_lolita post: community.livejournal.com/daily_lolita/3909757.html - it was mine and Victor's 1st year anniversary ! <3333 He's really the best and I love him so ♥
and I think I've finally done classic lolita well. I've tried before, but I liked it better this time, and I think it was more flattering ? Let me know what you think eh ;D Usually I wear sweet > 3>
When we were out that day, Victor bought an awesome chocolate shoe for us XD sadly we forgot to read the tag and such, and later found out it's dark chocolate, which we both hate, so we gave it to my mum XD
Here's some photos of how awesome it was anyway;

Also at that place we got it from, Ganache, they had MACARONSSSS <3333 ...I get very excited when I find a new place that sells macarons >_>
And they were AWESOME. About as good as my favourite ones from the Cupcake Family ! * u*
It's on Collins street, I definately reccomend it to anyone in Melbourne, I had the lavender flavour and the cinnamon flavour. The lavender one REALLY tasted like lavender, in a good way ! It'd go really nicely with rose flavoured bubble tea from Bubbecup (my favourite bubble tea place !). The cinnamon one was reeeally cinnamonny, which I loved (;
They had many more flavours;

That weekend, Victor also surprised me with my very first bonnet ! It's the princess crown bouquet one, it matches the skirt he bought me a while ago *o* <33333
Here's some photos of me in it xD
I was a bit iffy about tying the bow at my neck, usually I hate things close to my neck, but I didn't think it was too bad, it'd be good for winter I think. What do youuuu think ? o 3o

also, am I wearing it right ? is it too far foward ? or is it right ? >.> I've never worn one before !

another daily_lolita post: community.livejournal.com/daily_lolita/3912417.html - to go see two friends <3
We didn't end up going to the movies xD Elly ended up coming with us (yay ! I hadn't seen her in a very long time) and we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, I had bento, it was pretty good o uo (it's the one in Frankston next to the cinemas if anyone lives around there ~)
After dinner, we got drinks and snacks and headed back to Mal's place, where we *~ drank the night away ~* lmfao xDD I hadn't been drunk in quite a while, it was just like old times *O* but this time I was screaming about large moths coming near me all night and pretending to be Boomer from left4dead.
I was very glad not to have a hangover the next day, as I had to travel on the train home for about an hour and a half.
which brings us to my next daily_lolita post, which has 4 outfits, but the first one is what I wore on the way home from Mal's place xD

Victor also posted !

That's all of my latest daily_lolita posts xD Now for other things ~

Here's some extra photos from the Dolls at the Mount lolita meetup I went to the other week;

everyone looked lovely <3

Yesterday I went to two markets, the first was Latrobe University in Preston, where I bought this cute musical (and still working !) carousel that was made in 1980 in Macao ! * u* for only $10 awyeah ;D

the second market I went to, was the trash and treasure area of Pipeworks, which is closing down soon to make way for a new Ikea T___T
anyway, I bought this, for $45 ;D I was in need of a pretty piece of furniture to store things on ! Sadly the headbow/headband holders I was making didn't turn out AT ALL, so they're just all over the place for now xD I still use my frame with doily with all the bows attatched to that on my wall, but I think it looks a little messy because I have so many, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to store headbows and headbands please let me know ! D:

I love carved details like that and it's lovely shape alltogether <3

On Saturday I broke my camera >.< I dropped it when I had it on it's tripod wrapped around my bag hanger thing to take a photo of Victor and I XP
But I wasn't too upset, I had my eye on a bubblegum pink camera for only $86 ;D
Luckily it was still at the shop xD I saw it a few months ago...
it's this one, the Samsung ES30;

But that round 4 buttons thing isn't grey....it's actually light pink s:

But yeah, even though it was like less than half the price of my old camera, it has more zoom, more mega pixels and a bigger screen. o_o
the photos it takes aren't bad, but they are pretty dull if I don't set it to "retro". (which I only had to set once for it to take photos in retro always, so it's all good) Retro seems to make the colours more vibrant and slightly warmer.

The day I got the camera, I saw this awesome guy;

I was too scared to go up to him and get a photo with him xDD

Yesterday I got a new dress in the mail ! It's what I spent some of my birthday money on ^o^ It was my first time buying from yahoo japan with www.japonicamarket.com/
I HIGHLY reccomend that shopping service, it all went soooo smoothly and quickly @___@;;;; I'm really happy with them and will definately use them again.
I was actually intimidated by ordering with a Japanese shopping service, despite using two different taobao shopping services xD
the process was basically the same, but the order form was actually a little easier, but you don't have to go through all the size business so I guess that's why. But yeah, it only took like a week for me to get my dress, whereas with taobao it takes over a month >.> I was pleasantly surprised xD
anyway, here's the dress <3

It's called Blooming Snow White *O*
I mainly got it because it has deer on it XD Usually I don't like people on my prints, but I love this print too much to care XD Plus snow white is awesome.

Sorry for all the sparkles, I'll be putting this on my poupeegirl and for some reason I like to sparkle them up for it. o_o

I love this cute bow lace at the bottom.....is it called lace ? I dunno....it's like...netting with felt-ish bows on it XD but it's cute !!


dawww love bunnies ~~~

Squirrels are super cute ~

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ~


I really love that big heart lace *O*

This dress has so many different types of pretty lace @_@

cute buttons too !

The original price was 26040 yen ($314 AUD) but I bought it new with tags for 17900 yen ($215 AUD)

the other week I was also playing around a bit with my black wig, I put it in a side ponytail, I dunno if it suits me or not s:

and last thing, weeeks ago I cut Victor's hair again, nothing too different, I think I need more ideas for his hair....halp ?

~ Vanilla

vanillablitz on November 23rd, 2010 12:01 am (UTC)
haha, I think most bonnets are pretty cute, and I just love having a headthing to match a skrit or dress I have * u*

haha it's fine, I'm not in a big rush ~
femaleclaws on November 24th, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)
Oh phew ;A; Thank you, I would feel bad if you need it super urgent.